Developmental Language Disorders (DLD) and Dyscalculia can they co-exist?

Developmental language disorder (DLD) affects approximately 1 in 14 children in kindergarten. It is a communication disorder that interferes with learning, understanding, and using language. The language difficulties are not explained by other conditions or the lack of exposure to language.

Individuals with DLD demonstrate poorer performance, specifically in tasks that involve greater verbal demands. DLD can affect a child’s speaking, listening, numeracy, reading, and writing. DLD is a risk factor for learning difficulty since problems with basic language skills affect classroom performance.  Difficulties with language comprehension can make mathematical word problems challenging.

While DLD primarily affects a person’s ability to understand and use language, dyscalculia primarily affects a person’s ability to understand and work with numbers.

Children with dyscalculia may have difficulties meaningfully applying numbers, symbols and maths, which can significantly affect their everyday learning tasks.

Children with DLD and dyscalculia can be supported.

No child with dyscalculia should ever go unnoticed!

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