Dyscalculia Intervention: Helping Students Succeed in Maths - Using Adaptive AI Learning Technology

Dynamo Maths - For Ages 6 to 11

What is Dynamo Maths?

Dynamo Maths is an award-winning, research and evidence-based inclusive programme proven to support students with dyscalculia and those not meeting age-related expectations.

The programme consists of two components: Standardised Dyscalculia Assessment and Blended Intervention Programme.

SEND Graduated Approach

NumberSense MMR™ Framework

Why does Dynamo Maths Work?

Dynamo Maths is underpinned by a research and evidence-based Dyscalculia NumberSenseMMR™ developmental framework validated by the University of Oxford.

Dynamo Maths is aligned with the SEND Code of Practice.

For additional details, please visit the research and evidence page…

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Our Awards

We’re very proud to announce that Dynamo Maths has been nominated for several awards.

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped in Dynamo Maths’s development over the last few years and to all the schools and teachers that support us.


Find out more about how Dynamo Maths can help you