How can Dynamo Maths help?

Dynamo Maths is an industry-leading, world-class specialist online dyscalculia intervention. This innovative and effective resource has won multiple awards. It is renowned for its targeted approach to helping students struggling with maths.

Here are some of the key reasons why Dynamo Maths is giving results that were previously unheard of:

  • Graduated Approach: Dynamo Maths meets the SEND CODE of Practice and offers an Assessment, Plan, Intervention and Review stages.
  • Specialist Dyscalculia Resource: A resource developed intentionally and purposefully for children with dyscalculia.
  • Standardised Online Dyscalculia Assessment: Quick and easy to administer. It produces a Number Sense Developmental Profile across 15 Number Strands and shows where the specific gaps lie. This profile of strengths and weaknesses is linked to an individual Scheme of Work, and further, the Scheme of Work is signposted to a blended approach of learning within Dynamo Intervention.
  • Personalised Intervention: Dynamo Maths Intervention adapts to each student’s needs and abilities. This means that students receive personalised and targeted instruction tailored to their specific learning needs.
  • Blended Approach: Blended learning within Dynamo Maths Intervention is at its core construct and mindful of giving children struggling with maths various learning experiences. Dynamo Maths offers multiple ways to learn, think and consolidate knowledge. This accessible blended approach allows students with hearing, visual, or motor impairments access.
  • Small-Cumulative Steps: All modules across Dynamo Maths are broken down into small steps in small number ranges. This helps children build confidence and a sense of accomplishment as they complete each step. We have found that by focusing on small, achievable steps, children develop a sense of number mastery that builds self-confidence, and self-esteem and motivates them to continue learning and improving.
  • Engaging and interactive: The program uses ready-made engaging Lesson Plans designed around a social focus. This Relationship approach strengthens the skills of thinking, reasoning, communication, language, self-evaluation and reflection.
  • Interactive Online Modules: This specialist intervention is supported by models and images where the engagement is enriched through audio and visual stimuli. The screens are designed to reduce the cognitive load required to process the information allowing the child to focus on the task and avoiding working memory overload.
  • Working at their own pace: Dynamo Maths takes a developmental approach, and children start on it at their developmental and functional levels.  The children work at their own pace. Within this non-competitive approach, progress is monitored and reported with motivational feedback and rewards. Dynamo Maths stays true to the principles of Assessment is for Learning.
  • Evidence-based: Dynamo Maths is based on research and an evidence-based developmental NumberSenseMMR™ framework validated by the University of Oxford.
  • Easy to implement: Dynamo Maths is designed purposefully for children not meeting age-related expectations. The design construct, among many considerations, has made both the assessment and intervention easy for the child, teachers and assessors to use.
  • Cost-effective: Dynamo Maths is a cost-effective solution for improving maths skills. The program is available on a subscription basis.

Dynamo Maths is an excellent dyscalculia intervention program that helps improve maths skills and build confidence in children who are struggling with maths and not meeting age-related expectations. In addition to its evidence and research-based approach, Dynamo Maths uses a Developmental, Individualised and Relationship approach. We also meet the needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing children with Puffin Maths using British Sign Language (BSL). Puffin Maths also won a highly commended BETT award.

Dynamo Maths is a smart investment for any school, or individual who is looking to improve maths outcomes.

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Dynamo Maths is constructed on a research and evidence-based NumberSenseMMR™ developmental framework validated by the University of Oxford.

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