Dynamo Maths Program

Dynamo Maths is an award-winning, research and evidence-based inclusive programme proven to support students with dyscalculia and those not meeting age-related expectations.

The programme consists of two components: Standardised Dyscalculia Assessment and Blended Intervention Programme.

Standardised Dynamo Assessment
Base-line for Ages 6 to 11

Dynamo Intervention, is an inclusive step by step developmental maths program.

Get a Free Dyscalculia Pre-Screener for the Student

Dynamo Dyscalculia Pre-Screening questionnaire aims to capture a unique sense of maths difficulty being experienced by the student between the ages 7 to 14.
A series of 15 questions will gather information on your views, your daily experiences and observations of the student.
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Our Awards

We’re very proud to announce that Dynamo Maths has been nominated for several awards.

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped in Dynamo Maths’s development over the last few years and to all the schools and teachers that support us.


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