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"Catch them before they fall"
  Dynamo Maths is a three-stage on-line intervention and remediation programme for learners with dyscalculia and low maths achievers and Dynamo Profiler is an on-line dyscalculia assessment.
  Supports specific learning difficulties with maths, working memory and dyscalculia symptoms.


  Developed through research on how the brain learns maths and around areas of needs.
  Used successfully by SENCOs in schools, dyscalculia practitioners and parents at home.
  Aimed at children who are struggling with maths.
  Dynamo Profiler is a new assessment, that is aimed at identifying difficulties with dyscalculia or developmental delays with maths. The profiler uses the NumberSenseMMR framework.
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Dyscalculia Assessment - Dynamo Profiler
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Dynamo Maths is now also available in International Versions for: USA, Canada, Australia and English-Euro
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Personalised Maths programme to "catch them before they fall"

Over 230 on-line Lesson Plans, supported by:

Teacher/Parent concrete activities and printable worksheets.
Progress reports and certificates
Personalisation and homework features.
Activities mapped to the National Curriculum and 21 dyscalculia difficulties.
Personalised Maths programme to "catch them before they Fall"
Dynamo Maths ideal for Pupil Premium.
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