Evidence-based specialist resource to support
pupils struggling with maths


Dynamo Maths identifies and supports pupils at risk of developmental dyscalculia and pupils who are performing significantly below their peers in maths.

Dynamo Maths has two seamlessly linked core components:

- Dynamo Assessment - Standardised dyscalculia assessment baselined at ages 6 to 9. It provides a profile of strength and weakness, supported by an Individual Support Plan, signposted to Dynamo Intervention.
- Dynamo Intervention - for ages 6 to 8 and incorporates a purposeful triple pathway remediation.
  Inclusive Program with a range of SEN Support Tools.
Dynamo Maths - Dyscalculia
Standardised Assessment and Intervention

Dynamo Maths is underpinned by a researched and evidence-based NumberSenseMMR™ framework

The NumberSenseMMR™ stages has been correlated by the
University of Oxford


  Assessment: YouTube Intervention: YouTube


Award-winning program:

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  Case Studies and Evidence Base   Training:  
pdf British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM) Conference
pdf Presentation WCES University of Oxford - Evidence of Support
pdf London Borough of Hounslow - 6 Primary Schools
pdf Special Children Magazine -Boldermere School
pdf CaseStudy - Foxwood Autistic School Hythe
pdf CaseStudy - Worcestershire Schools
pdf CaseStudy - Sam Severe Maths Difficulties
pdf CaseStudy - Tom Co-occurring Difficulties
pdf CaseStudy - Huntingtower Primary
pdf FREE - Dynamo Assessment and Intervention WEBINAR for Schools.
pdf Inset Schools Training day
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Discover each pupil's unique developmental number sense strengths and challenges
Catch them, support them and see them succeed.

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